Top Tactics for Gaining Facebook Page Likes For Your Business

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Building your brand presence on Facebook through page likes is vital. The larger your page audience, the more likely you will be to generate a solid online conversation and reach new fans in order to promote your business goals.

Gaining likes is not as daunting a task as it may seem. There are a few simple ways you can accomplish this goal.

  • Utilize Facebook ad spend. Ad spend is one of the fastest and easiest way to increase page likes. Targeting users with similar interests or following similar pages to your current fans is a great place to start.
  • Leverage your posts with strong creative. Facebook has become increasingly visual. The best way to gain new fans is with eye-catching imagery that leads to clicks on the page. Getting users to visit on your page and explore your content is the first step in acquiring new likes.
  • Integrate content with clear calls-to-actions. Strong creative should also be coupled with engaging copy. Creating posts that encourage people to share, like or comment on your page posts can help build new fans. Increases in post engagement makes a post more likely to be seen on a friend of a fan’s newsfeed who is not already following you.
  • Keep content short and simple. Posts should be limited to 200 characters or less because it is easier and faster for users to digest. In an age of short attention spans and constant stimulation, users will not take the time to read lengthy content and will breeze past your posts.
  • Run engaging applications. Social applications and contests are a straightforward approach to quick fan growth. By adding a fan-gate to enter a contest, acquiring page likes are directly built into the promotion.
  • Be diligent about community management. Interacting with users on your page regularly can build conversation among fans and create positivity around your brand. Effective customer service on social can lead user to liking your page because they are aware of your quick and efficient response to user needs.
  • Post at strategic times of day. In general, Facebook traffic is highest first thing in the morning and later in the day, once users are out of work or school. Therefore, posting during these times is most strategic. If you have multiple pieces of content that you would like to post throughout a day, share the most interesting and engaging content during these high traffic periods.
  • Measure, analyze and fine-tune your Facebook strategy. Use a measurement tool to monitor your page’s performance. Many tools exist, including Facebook’s insights dashboard. By examining data like reach, engaged users, and new page likes per post you will get a clearer picture of what is working best in your social strategy. Once you know this information you will have the tools to make the needed adjustments to maximize your page likes.

Increasing Facebook page likes can help you drive traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness on Facebook. By using these simple tactics, you will be well on your way to improving your social presence on Facebook.

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