Tracking Social Media Referrals in Google Analytics

@Tim | Conversion Optimization, Social

I’m sure we’ve all heard this one before…”Ok, social media is cool, but how does it effect my bottom line?” Obviously, this is a loaded question, but I’ve found one of the best places to start is Google Analytics. By properly setting up Analytics, you can easily understand how social media traffic is performing on your domain against established KPIs.

An easy/high-level way to see how many referrals are coming into your site from social media is pretty easy to set up in Google Analytics by creating Advanced Segments. Start by logging into your Analytics account:

Click “view report”

  1. Click “Advanced Segments”
  2. Click “Create New Custom Segment”
  3. Dimensions > Traffic Sources > Source
  4. Condition – select “Matches regular expression”
  5. Value – ( etc.)
  6. Name the Advanced Segment (ie Twitter Traffic)
  7. Save

Once you save the Advanced Segment, simply click on the item and you’ll be able to sort through the referral and other KPI data, such as Goals specifically related to referrals from a social media property.