What I Learned This Summer


I’m not going to sit down and offer up my reasons for such a long time in between blog posts. Instead I want to cover some lessons I have learned over the summer.

1)   I don’t scale- Apparently I can’t create more hours in a week to work, who knew? But I can hire people to make myself more efficient. So I did. I would like to welcome Nina to the Social Media Answers team. (Okay so she has been working here for like four months…. I guess this is the official welcome.)

2)   I love what I do but I hate the day-to-day business- Accounting… boring. Business Development… really time consuming. Certain aspects of my job… time consuming, boring, and unproductive. In the next few months I am going to be announcing a partnership with a Boston company that is going to alleviate all of that.

3)   Writing a book is not easy- Also for future reference the sky is blue and water is wet. I just turned in my rough drafts for my sections for the book WordPress All In One Desk Reference.

4)   Fortune 1000 sized clients gets one access to way more toys- I am going to start reviewing some different Facebook application platforms this week and will dive into some various tools, tip, tricks, and new technologies that I am finding interesting.

5)   Women don’t like golfer’s tan- Just a FYI.

6)  Moving while traveling for business isn’t the easiest thing to do- I finally unpacked my last box after setting foot in my new place almost two months ago.

So starting this week I am going to dive into the various Facebook application platforms that I have been trying out.