WordCamp Chicago Recap

@Kevin | Development

Last weekend I headed out to the Windy City for WordCamp Chicago where I presented on how to turn WordPress into your social media hub. Below is my deck from the presentation (admittedly not the sexiest Power Point in the world) but I think there is some solid information in there. There are two things that I would like to add before you view it.

1) I didn’t mention photo sharing in the Power Point presentation which was a mistake on my part. At WordCamp I covered it by saying, “When you look like an overweight Jeremy Piven you tend to stay away from the camera.”

The lesson is if you don’t have time to amend your presentation it is better to make fun of yourself rather than admitting that you totally forgot about photo sharing.

2) In my breakdown of third party commenting systems I mention that Intense Debate doesn’t support Facebook Connect while Disqus does. I actually talked to Matt Mullenweg about this at get together after the first day and he cleared up the reasoning for me.  The reason why Intense Debate no longer supports that feature is that they wanted to make it so once you are signed onto Facebook Connect thru Intense Debate you were signed on to whatever sites you were commenting on that were using that platform. Facebook didn’t like that and wanted the user to have to sign on to each site that they visited so Intense Debate doesn’t offer Facebook Connect anymore.

With those two points cleared up here is my deck from the presentation.

Besides my presentation there were a lot of other solid presentations from the attendees. Some of the presenters included:

  • Matt Mullenweg, founder of our favorite blog/CMS platform, WordPress
  • Jeremy Wright, CEO of one of the largest global new media blog networks, b5media
  • Jim Turner, business and social media blogging consultant at One By One Media
  • Erin Blaskie, CEO of global internet marketing strategy consultancy, Business Services, ETC
  • David Dalka, marketing and digital technology coach and founder of, Search Engine Marketing Strategy
  • Liz Strauss, online business strategist and owner of Successful Blog and SOB Con
  • Micah Baldwin, VP of business development of search-powered web application, Lijit
  • Tim Frick, who creates design-driven communication solutions with his company, Mightybytes
  • Doug Hanna, head honcho of running the day-to-day operations of the WordPress showcase

Also I would be remiss if I didn’t say that a lot of credit needs to go to Lisa Sabin Wilson and Brian Gardner for their efforts to organize the event.