You are open 24/7 how come your social media isn’t?

@Kevin | Strategy

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a friend asking my opinion about the hours a company should keep in regards to social media. If the company is a 24/7 company should their social media presence be up and running 24/7? The truth of the matter is that I have never thought about it. (Yet I have dedicated hours of my life debating that Aerosmith is the most overrated rock band in the last 30 years.)

I took to Twitter to see what people thought and the initial reaction was completely mixed.

My rule of thumb on this would be it depends on how they use these platforms. For example if it is mostly a marketing play (which I would hope it wouldn’t be) and a PR team mans the accounts then I wouldn’t expect them to be open 24/7. However if they do a lot of customer service from these platforms and their customer service function via phone or e-mail is available 24/7 I would have the same expectations of their social media.

With that being said I think it also depends on the company, the size, and the expectations they set using these tools. Just like when you go into a supermarket that is open 24/7 you know that you aren’t going to necessarily find the same services available that are available during the day. Companies need to establish how they are using these tools and what the customer can expect from them. (Obviously there is no hard and fast rule with this. )

When you use social media what are your expectations of business accounts and the hours that they keep?