You Need to Protect the Content You Create

@Kevin | Social

One of the biggest fears I have with social media is that the time that I put into content creation could backfire and I could lose everything… every blog post, every picture, every link I have shared, and every video I have created. When it comes to protecting my blogs I have used the database backup plugin for WordPress. As far as the other content unless I have the original file on my hard drive if I lose the account I lose the data.

Now I know it sounds all doom and gloom to think like that. And you are probably thinking that my Flickr account is pretty safe. However speaking from experience I know that I am at the mercy of these services. When I started out blogging I built a massive following on MySpace and wrote a ton of blogs posts on there. (Which I kept in multiple Word files thankfully.)

At one point I ran into a problem with a blogger (he became my stalker… long story) who complained to MySpace about my content and created a story about me leading to my account getting deleted without their customer service department contacting me. Of course I knew how to get accounts deleted and got his deleted in return, twice. The lesson that I learned though was that the status of anyone’s account on a social media site hangs by a thin wire and I shouldn’t get too attached to my content.

Recently my friend Rob May started a company called Lifestream Backup. Personally I was excited when I heard about the concept of the site and asked if I could get in on the beta testing of it. After waiting for the development to be done I finally got to trial the product and use it for the last month and I have to say that I love it. From one central place I can back up multiple social media accounts on Twitter, WordPress Blogs, Flickr, Delicious, Basecamp, Zoho, Google Docs, Photobucket, and soon Youtube and Facebook.

You can choose when your content gets backed up and what type of notification you receive. The best feature though is the multiple account features; I have multiple blogs, twitter accounts, and accounts for my clients. From one place I can back them up and save them as well as download the results of the backup. This is a service that is needed as we create more content and share our digital lives online. For less than $27.00 a year you can have your valuable content backed up, it is worth every penny.