Your Branding and Consistency of Your Message Matters

@Kevin | Strategy

I have a client that had an identity crisis. Their company has had a few name changes… or I should say “versions” of their name over the years and it bled over to their social media accounts. The name of their profiles and avatars on different sites varied site by site with very little consistency except for the latest accounts which started to use the new logo from their site.

When I got access to these accounts I started poking through the interaction that they have had. You could see that they probably leveraged an internal e-mail list of friends and contacts when setting up these profiles. There was one thing that I noticed though, there was confusion occurring amongst some of the people that they reached out to that should already know their brand. I saw messages exchanged (I had permission to access everything on these accounts, I wasn’t spying for tawdry details) where people needed to clear up who the company was and they often replied back that they had known them under a previous name. You have a major problem when people don’t recognize your brand even though they have connected with it in the past.

Additionally the information and services listed in their profiles where completely different including offering things they no longer did and not listing some of their latest additions to the company. They had almost zero consistency to their profiles. Think of the issues this presents, when people interacted with their brand they lost out on potential clients because they didn’t list everything they provided. Some potential customers may have been turned off when they contacted the company for the service they no longer offered. When they did introduce new offerings they probably didn’t announce it in these various communities where they had an outpost. Not only is this a look at poor upkeep but a missed opportunity.

The reason for this though was innocent enough. There was no internal social media strategy and nobody was really taking ownership of it. Multiple employees (some no longer with the company) set up accounts on different social media sites and this was the cause of their information being incorrect.

This got me thinking though about my personal brand and some outposts I have set up over the years. Am I personally missing out on connections with friends, family, or even potential clients? Take a few minutes today and double check some profiles you have set up where you might not be as active as you once were but where people make discover you. Take the time to update your content, avatar, and any other information. Don’t have your personal or corporate brand suffer from an identity crisis.