The Best Value in Town: How to Leverage YouTube Advertising for Brand Engagement

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As the popularity of YouTube videos continues to grow, the online video platform is a viable and easy arena to expand your business’ marketing.  YouTube is still a relatively untapped resource for advertising and thus allows for an opportunity to expand your current strategy.YouTube is a direct platform for carrying your business’ message to your audience without high costs. Adwords offers a video campaign feature that makes creating YouTube ads simple and keeps your campaign organized and easy to monitor.

Essential Elements

Creating Entertaining Content

YouTube video ads are an especially useful place to promote engaging and entertaining branded content. You should use YouTube ads as an opportunity to engage with customers and produce a positive brand perception. If you can accomplish this, your ads will be more likely to receive views and quality click throughs.

Selecting Keywords

When selecting keywords for videos ads, it is important to focus on ad groups with broader keywords and shorter keyword phrases. The Adwords keyword tool can assist in the selection of your keywords. Take keywords that have performed well in search campaigns and mix in new keywords that are generated from the keyword tool.

YouTube ads are based on CPVs (Cost Per Views) rather than CPCs for search campaigns. Therefore, the video keywords will not be as expensive as they may be for Adwords search campaigns. You pay only when the video is viewed, allowing for more flexibility and experimentation in keyword selection. YouTube searches tend to have a wide range of content. As you collect and parse down potential keywords, be sure to also consider topics that may be associated with your video and brand but are not directly related.

Creating Engaging Copy

Brand engagement may be one part of your overall campaign goals, however, many businesses also hope to produce conversions or leads through the use of video ads. A call to action in your video can help bring users to another social platform, such as to your website, which could generate leads.

The call to action in video ads follows the same rules as for search campaigns. The ad formatting is similar to Google search campaigns, with a headline and body text. Your call to action will appear on the video itself as well as in YouTube search results. Writing relevant and engaging copy for your video ads is just as important as the videos themselves.

Monitoring the Campaign

Once the campaign has been created and is running, you should monitor its activity at least once a week. This includes developing a strong keyword-bidding strategy; it runs in the same manner as other Google Adwords campaigns. It is essential to refresh and update the ads throughout the life of your campaign to maximize views and click throughs.

With over 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute and over 4 billion videos are viewed every day, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to capitalize on. With these essential steps, video publishers and marketers alike can increase view counts and keep audiences engaged.

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