YouTube Insights Morphs Into Analytics

@Tim | Measurement & Analytics

YouTube has transitioned from Insights to a more detailed data retrieval and analysis system called YouTube Analytics. Much like Google Analytics, YA allows you to generate reports by date, geography, content, etc.

You’ll be able to tell which of your videos receive the most views and how long people are viewing them. Traffic sources are broken into Views From YouTube, Views From Outside of YouTube, and Mobile Apps & Direct Traffic. If you use YouTube videos to help market your brand, tracking how often videos are shared and marked as a favorite comes in handy.

The new commenting report reflects how many people are commenting on your videos and provides a cloud of the most used keywords. One really positive change is the ability to download specific reports versus all the data pulled.

If you’re not able to access the new YouTube Analytics yet, it should be available to everyone by tomorrow. You can obtain a breakdown of the changes here.

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