So You’ve Got Followers. Now What?

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You’ve spent precious time accumulating Twitter followers, Facebook fans, blog subscribers, and you’ve been placed in so many circles on Google+ you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. But how do you turn those connections into consumers? Try these three quick tips:

1. Ask and Receive – People want to be heard. People like to be heard. Don’t just use your platforms to speak and sell your message, but start a conversation. Polls and blogs designed to promote conversation about what your followers want to see/more less of can be extremely valuable. You might also learn what the competition isn’t doing that can give you a step up.

2. Develop a Strategy with Clear Goals – Take what you’ve learned and develop a plan that gives the people what they want and helps you achieve your marketing goals. Let’s say through a Facebook poll you find that your fans want to be involved in processes. You also want to change the design of your site or provide better functionality to some of its features. According to your editorial calender, you’re due for a Facebook campaign. Why not host a contest in which fans get to submit design ideas/illustrations?

3. Put the Social in Social Media – This is a very simple practice that means you should share content that isn’t just your own and interact in other communities. Besides helping you become more in tune with your target audience, current audience, and others in your field, actively participating in other forums, groups, and blogs will keep you apprised of what strategies others are employing and can help foster ideas that work for you.

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