Digital Marketing Program

Provision Energy

Phase 1: Strategy and Planning

This will be on-going through the entire engagement as we prepare the strategy and deployment of campaigns. There will be discussion, feedback, and modifications of the strategy and tactics involved including keyword, ad copy, landing page design, and email campaigns.

Additionally we’d want to use this time to look at the website, specifically the functionality of creating landing pages, how forms are handled, and reporting infrastructure in place. While conceptually you are starting on the ground floor with your marketing tech stack there are some things that do exist and we need to make sure that they are going to align with larger toolset integration.

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Phase 2: Building Phase

The building phase really is integrated into Phase 1 and Phase 3 in our normal approach. In the timeframe you have we feel there are a few things that need to be ready to go right out of the gate.

Proper Data Collection:
We believe in setting up a proper reporting infrastructure, while the first party data strategy might take longer to deploy we want to make sure we are collecting data properly from the onset. So we don’t lose out on any consumer data.

Easy to Use Forms:
Having flexible forms that can tie into the larger marketing tech stack is important. It’s often overlooked but if we want to spin up campaigns and landing pages quickly having flexible and easy-to-use forms is necessary.

Easy to Create Landing Pages:
The ability to create, test, and deploy landing quickly and efficiently is also critical. We want to make sure that whatever toolset is chosen to test landing pages, that we can easily move to deploy winners to the site. Since we are working from a place without a lot of data we need to be able to test and move-on often.

Marketing Automation Platform:
This is probably largest single choice that needs to be made initially.

Additional toolsets like CRMs, A/B testing tools, ad serving platforms, exit intent, and other toolsets will all need to be discussed and considered but in the compressed timeline for launch we see the four above as the most important, where we can begin to layer in other platforms and expand as we go. 

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Phase 3: Software and Integration Phase

This will be the deployment of the items above, the timeframe on this is dependent on the site audit and toolsets selected for launch. Until Phase 1 and 2 are complete it’s impossible to lock down a specific timeframe.

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Phase 4: Marketing and Ad Spend

Convertiv would propose a 90-day digital media pilot to rapidly test keywords, copy, campaigns, and landing pages to get a general learning about what works and what doesn’t, as well as, how we can scale the campaign. Understanding that we want to learn quickly, we’d recommend a minimum ad spend of $30,000 per month.

Timeline: 12 weeks


We didn’t break down each phase because they are all integrated together. The timeline and cost for each of these is dependent on choices made within each phase, our estimate of $15-30,000/mo. for services is reflective of the amount of effort in the two months before launch and the 90 day digital media pilot after launch.

Through the 90-day pilot we will learn more about the level of effort needed to support the program for strategy, design, coding, and project management, and start to frame up what FY2021, Q1’s engagement would look like based on those understandings.

Convertiv would be delighted to embark on this initiative with you. Thank you for the consideration thus far.