WordPress Health Check

Right Networks


Business Objectives

→ Identify opportunities for improvement to the current WordPress instance, therefore, extending the life of the current site

→ Insights for upcoming website rebuild & additional questions/best practices for later stages of the RFP process

→ Provide pros & cons for alternate CMSs based upon business objectives



→ CMS Evaluation (completed)

→ Marketing Technology

CMS Stabilization

WordPress Health Check

→ Audit current theme for:

  • Code Efficiency
  • Security Issues
  • Best Practices for WordPress theme configuration and development
  • Review page load speeds and recommend site enhancements
  • Examine third-party integrations into the theme to make sure they are done in the most efficient manner

→ Review all active plugins

→ Review WordPress current version

→ Recommend protocol for code deployment via repository

→ Recommend protocol for site related code issues

→ Recommend protocol for enterprise account issue tracking, resolution and account management

→ Recommend monitoring system to alert on core and plugin updates


Digital Performance Reporting

→ Assess alignment of digital goal reporting

  • Best practices for firing scripts in Google Tag Manager
  • Best practices for Google Analytics property structure, goal/event firing

→ Site Map

  • Document the current site structure and navigation