ZeroNorth Site Overhaul

Design and Development

Lead List (8.19-8.26)

Website Design Progress

Single Asset lander

Topic-based lander

  • Design in progress (Convertiv)
  • Tracking review/discussion (In progress)


  • Updated ticket – issue is due to current legacy staging to production publishing workflow

Module Update

  • Provide more information around issues with module (Virginia)
Digital Marketing

Hybrid Theory Programmatic

  • Proof of performance
  • Connect with HT contact

Event Surround Sound (for CISO campaign assets)

  • Running on LinkedIn with Quality White Paper asset only
  • 8/24: Minnesota + surround states (WI,ND,SD,IA); 8/31: California, New York, Mid-Atlantic (no VA); 9/14: Colorado,
  • Add next set of cities on Monday


  • Run through audience formats currently in place
  • Share Product Security titles selected for new campaign group

IDC Report

  • Follow up if moving forward
    • Determine CISO and/or Product Sec Audiences
  • Virginia to let us know if licensing

Upcoming paid programs