Brief Case Studies


We included details on projects that exemplify relevant experience where Convertiv has lead on…

We know these parties below would be happy to speak on our behalf, as they are going through a similar transformation to EAO, and there could be some valuable shared knowledge.

Below are specifics of current client successes.



  • New Web identity design (photography, 360-degree imagery)
  • New sales narrative
  • New positioning
  • New product configuration
  • New CMS Platform and upgraded technology stack


C&K updated its web identity with the redesign and development of a new global website. To position itself as the leader in the custom switch solution space, the corporate brand identify was reinvigorated for this century-old brand in the form of a new brand guide, graphic language, and product photography. There was new positioning and messaging implemented, ensuring continuity for the target audience. The new brand was not only pulled into the new web interface but was also utilized in more tangible items such as direct mailers and organizational assets to be used at C&K events. C&K’s new identity also consisted of the development of a new content management platform and upgraded technology stack. The new platform was created to allow for more flexibility to integrate seamlessly with the product database. That product database was utilized to create a fully functional, API driven product configurator. With the new product configurator, C&K is able to create a more efficient sales narrative using the corporate website in ways it wasn’t able to before (updated product information view, easy sorting, and filtering of products and quick view capabilities for better visibility into a specific product). With the renewed digital narrative, C&K was able to present itself as the market leader and cater to both current client and net-new users on the site with a more intuitive and informational experience.


Convertiv built a hybrid PIM and customer portal that acts as a main conduit from provider training, collateral, listing service, and is a gateway to their ecomm platform. One of the crucial aspects of the portal was the UX for navigating the vast collection of product related resources using advanced filtering and faceted search.

Version 1.0 platform release focused on development, design, and data orchestration. Investing time and resources to develop a data model tied directly back into Cynosure’s business logic to build a robust and extendable API. The API acted as a bridge between the future state, and an old Drupal install that was previously used to house product documentation. We also spent a significant amount of time overhauling the user experience with the same high standards of the new web designs.

Version 2.0 brought data and heatmaps to inform innovation, so together with Cynosure, we refined the user interface design, API, and data structure, as users interacting with the platform internally and externally continued to scale. Cynosure had legacy technology (old Drupal instance) we were able to sunset by bringing over the complete administrator interface into the new platform with a drastically improved UI.

Version 3.0 will create self-service features to pave the way to international expansion.

Future AMPS releases:

  1. Deeper integration with the Oracle commerce Cloud and Salesforce
  2. Act as a single sign-on provider and“profile of record” for other Cynosure properties (deploying Okta)
  3. Integrate more in-depth with marketing automation software leading to personalized experiences for providers

Extreme Networks

Created an enhanced design to reinforce Extreme’s compelling and consistent brand experience for prospects and customers. Taking a user’s first perspective with design, we user-tested the solutions pages with the target Fortune 2000 customers.

Researched the administration needs for Extreme, including the best solutions for sales integrations. Using that data, we developed single platform administration capability through a global multi-site for languages and regions that applied direct integration with sales operations.

Implemented a special block based editing interface empowered the internal content and marketing teams. They are able to combine various pre-made block elements and assemble on-brand pages without needing to involve the dev team.

Setup the process, tooling, infrastructure and engaged in a transfer of knowledge with the teams to support cooperation on the same code base. Modern approaches to web development and development operations have been implemented by introducing version control, continuous deployment and multi-stage workflows to the project.

Worked with internal stakeholders to effectively migrate legacy sites and build SEO best-practices into the migration of Post-launch, Extreme saw an average improvement of 108% in year-over-year organic traffic, along with yielding net new first-page keyword rankings in switching and access point product categories within 90 days.

Symmons (project in progress)

We’ve been working with Symmons on multiple projects, the first step has been to overhaul their brand aesthetic, creating a web brand kit that can influence design across all their digital assets including:

  • Their new Internet of Things (IoT) project for water management. This product will provide a dashboard for clients to monitor their water system through large properties, we’ve helped design the dashboard and layout.
  • Historically Symmon’s has handled most of their ecommerce through third parties, pushing sales to Amazon and Home Depot. Currently we are working on helping them bring that in house with a redesigned and improved user experience.

Another area where we have helped Symmons is their normalization of their product data. They have multiple product databases that supply information to various applications like their ERP, website, spec pack builder (quoting software). Currently it takes a full time employee to update the various data sources to keep everything up to date, we are working with them to create one source that can tie into everything via APIs, reducing the time and effort while increasing the accuracy in keeping the product information up to date.