Personalization With AI

A common hot-button topic among companies looking to push to the next level is personalization. Whether it is ads, on-site, in-app, email, or anyth...


Types, Source and Use Cases for B2B Intent Data

B2B Intent Data – often talked about, rarely harnessed for its full potential. For more than a decade intent data, delivered in several forms...


Creating Better Campaigns

Across industry landscapes, marketers are dealing with a similar set of headwinds as it pertains to campaign reporting, particularly in CRM. Answer...


Individualized Analytics for All: A Look at Journey Analytics

Analytics tools today must meet high standards. In what is a relief to those who geek out about this, the industry seems to have moved on from limi...


Comparing GA4 to Other Modern Analytics Tools

The new GA will resemble a host of other data collection and analytics tools out there and it begs the question “is GA even still the right tool fo...


Composable ABM Platform (ie Composable B2B CDP)

Over the past five years, Convertiv has worked with dozens of clients, many of which represent some of the country’s fastest-growing technology com...

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