Alex Raymond

Alex Raymond has been working in the tech space for 10 years. His current focus is data strategy, collection, and analysis with an emphasis on optimizing digital experiences. He has a passion for helping companies translate business needs into technical plans with data backed decisions and loves the challenge of working at an agency where diverse and intricate problems require creative and novel thinking. On the personal side, he loves the outdoors, cooking and overly complex videogames.

Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

The deprecation of third-party cookies has been in the works for quite some time. Many browsers have already gone through with it and a few others,...


Personalization With AI

A common hot-button topic among companies looking to push to the next level is personalization. Whether it is ads, on-site, in-app, email, or anyth...


Individualized Analytics for All: A Look at Journey Analytics

Analytics tools today must meet high standards. In what is a relief to those who geek out about this, the industry seems to have moved on from limi...


Comparing GA4 to Other Modern Analytics Tools

The new GA will resemble a host of other data collection and analytics tools out there and it begs the question “is GA even still the right tool fo...


Best Practices for Landing Page Design

A properly designed landing page can be an extremely powerful lead-generation tool in conjunction with digital marketing efforts.


Harnessing Paid Digital Media to Drive Growth

When you get paid digital right, it becomes a finely tuned engine that propels your growth strategy in measurable and predictable ways.


Considerations for Personalization

Online personalization is now everywhere, from account-based marketing to website personalization to custom product demos. But it’s important to co...

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