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Gain Insights & Provide Strategy

Innovate and grow by arming your team with trusted, data-driven insights

Harnessing user activity data can unlock limitless opportunities for growth and innovation. But this information is often scattered across too many different silos to tell a cohesive and actionable story about your business.

A data-driven approach to growth and is possible. It starts with unlocking value from the information you already have. Momentum and learning from quick wins will kickstart your organization’s journey to a more sophisticated user data management approach.

Our Approach

Business Goals
  • Partner with stakeholders to set objectives
  • Collect and harmonize input from all levels of the organization
  • Zero in on the KPIs that truly impact your business

Every engagement begins with the identification of specific business areas where data-driven insights can enhance performance and growth. We gather input from all levels of the organization and create a customized roadmap with measurable success criteria.

Data Discovery
Iterative process
  • Inventory existing 1st and 3rd party data sources
  • Assess and optimize existing tool configurations
  • Document measurement data gaps

Many organizations have existing data sources and technologies that are not being utilized to their full potential. We assess these existing assets and look for ways to optimize them for greater impact.

Identify Opportunities
Iterative process
  • Identify data sets that will unlock new insights
  • Look for unique data searches and combinations that align with business objectives

Once the right foundational data is in place, we help you isolate the data sets that will reveal meaningful insights for your team. We look for ways to apply this data in ways that positively impact business performance.

Collection & Cataloging
Iterative process
  • Document the complete set of data elements that will be tracked
  • Create or refine hierarchies and naming conventions in existing systems

As a clear strategy takes shape, we pinpoint and document the data points necessary to make it a reality. This may include defining new event generation techniques, as well as fine-tuning hierarchies and naming conventions in existing tools.

  • Visualize data in preferred business intelligence tools
  • Design data-driven workflows in CRM and other operational tools
  • Create alert mechanisms for business-critical events

Once the optimal data collection model is in place, we create custom dashboards that turn the data into actionable business insights. Dashboards can be implemented using existing BI and CRM tools or through our Reportiv platform.

“Beyond my internal crew, Convertiv is my second marketing team. They have modern ideas in an industry that’s changing by the day. But their secret weapon is that they let the data do the talking. You know what’s working and what’s not. You can’t fake data.”

Gain data-driven insights.
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