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Data Maturity Assessment

Complete and trustworthy data is the foundation of an effective and sustainable growth strategy. An in-depth assessment of your web analytics and tracking capabilities will reveal opportunities for quick wins and establish a data maturity roadmap to support your long-term growth plans.

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Most organizations have foundational web analytics and tagging tools in place to track meaningful online events. But often, implementation flaws and poor data quality prevent these powerful tools from being used to their full potential. These implementation flaws can be a result of shifts in tagging responsibility, evolving website structure such as form updates, or simply a lack of documentation around the current data strategy.

Our expert data strategists will first meet with you to discuss your business goals and identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) required for measuring those goals. We will then assess your online data capture and analytics capabilities, propose immediate optimizations to your existing analytics and tagging approaches, and provide a detailed roadmap for harnessing data more effectively to achieve your desired business outcomes.

“Nowhere else have I had as much access to both raw and filtered data as I do with Convertiv. It instills a sense of confidence in their work I rarely see in this industry.”

Patrick Reynolds Senior Vice President, Data and Services Marketing at Mastercard

Business Objective and KPI Discovery

Our team begins every engagement by taking the time to understand the business objectives your organization needs to achieve with its web presence. Through a series of stakeholder interviews, we will discover what your desired outcomes are, learn about your existing analytics and tagging tools, and identify the specific KPIs and underlying data that must be measured to guide execution and measure success.

  • A clearly defined set of KPIs
  • An inventory of your analytics and tagging tools
  • An insight and measurement gap analysis

Data Visibility Analysis and Guidance

Our data experts will analyze your existing implementations of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and related tools to understand how tags are defined and organized and how key functionality like goal tracking, event tracking, and embedded web form execution is implemented. Any gaps between your current capabilities and the data visibility required to achieve your near-term business objectives will be addressed with targeted recommendations that improve data completeness, accuracy, and business impact.

  • Detailed observations about your existing tag management and analytics implementations
  • A data strategy review based on your near-term business objectives and our gap analysis
  • A clear and actionable set of recommended tagging and analytics implementation changes

Data Pipeline Roadmapping

In addition to improving data visibility within your existing data tools, our team will take the time to understand your long-term business objectives and propose broader enhancements to your data pipeline to enhance your visibility and decision-making over time. This will include suggestions and documentation for detailed event collection, data storage, transformation, and visualization strategies, as well as proposed phasing and timelines for implementation.

  • Mapping of desired business outcomes to the specific data elements required to guide and measure successful execution
  • A phased implementation roadmap for a robust data pipeline, including event collection infrastructure, integration with key marketing technology platforms, flexible data extraction, modeling, and visualization

Why Convertiv?

Digital experiences play a central role in the customer journey for many businesses, so the details matter. Our expert designers and developers are about more than just aesthetics and code. We dive deep into the data about how buyers interact with your business digitally and create products, campaigns, and experiences that drive the right business outcomes. We also consider security, performance, and reliability at every step, so the momentum keeps building as your business grows.

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