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Growth Assessment

Sustainable growth requires an optimal blend of investments and a highly optimized customer experience. A detailed assessment of how well your content, budget allocations, and customer touchpoints support your growth objectives – and a strategic roadmap and action plan for executing any recommended changes – will ensure that your time and resource investments have a measurable business impact.

Focus your growth investments on measurable outcomes

Understand your current growth trajectory and find ways to capitalize on new opportunities.

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Paid and organic acquisition are two of the most powerful tools businesses have to drive growth. But investments in these areas often escalate without strategic alignment to a primary business objective, specific offers, and an opimized execution plan.

Our growth experts will work closely with your team to assess your current content, identify the optimal blend of paid and organic acquisition efforts to meet your growth objectives and ensure that your customer touchpoints are as frictionless as possible. The outcome will be a precise content and offer analysis, program plan, budget, and forecast model that will maximize the success of your growth initiatives. These deliverables can use used to inform your internal plans or as the basis for a follow-on engagement where our team executes the plan on your behalf.

“Convertiv's expert advice helps their clients spend wisely and reduce waste in marketing spend. When you have an opportunity to grow your business and work with a company like Convertiv, you need to grab it.”

Palen Schwab VP, Revenue Ops, Lacework

Content Mapping and Gap Analysis

The success of most paid and organic acquisition campaigns hinges on the depth and quality of content available to support them. Our team will analyze any existing content, identify content gaps, and perform any remapping required to build momentum at all stages of the product lifecycle.

  • Content review
  • Content mapping systems

Demand Research and Audience Sizing

When making growth investments, it’s critical to understand the relative strength of your available digital channels, considering factors such as audience size, intent, keyword volume, and technographics. Our experts will guide you through this process and help you understand the potential market opportunity based on your available data sources, target accounts, and product lifecycles stages.

  • Paid and organic keyword analysis
  • Audience size estimation
  • Purchase intent measurement
  • Competitor landscape analysis

Customer Experience and Go-To-Market Capabilities Review

Growing your audience is only a worthwhile investment if you’re well-positioned to capitalize with compelling offers and experiences. Our team will analyze the key aspects of your campaign launches, including landing pages, sign-up workflows, and product trial experiences, and propose any recommended optimizations.

  • User experience
  • Campaign launch workflows

Media Budgeting and Forecasting

Clarity on your organization’s market opportunity and goals is the foundation for an effective growth strategy. Our experts will draw from the learnings across the areas above to help you align your budget appropriately across paid and organic media channels to meet your business objectives and develop a trustworthy and measurable forecast for your growth initiatives.

  • Campaign budget development
  • Business outcome metrics and forecasting

Business Objective Alignment, Strategic, Planning, and Roadmapping

Once you’ve defined a clear set of business objectives, our experts will provide an  actionable roadmap for the advancement of your paid and/or organic acquisition program that aligns with your desired outcomes. Our recommended strategic plan will include  proposed sequencing and projected timing for the achievement of growing your marketshare based on our assessment findings.

  • Acquisition program design
  • Project planning and roadmapping

Why Convertiv?

Digital experiences play a central role in the customer journey for many businesses, so the details matter. Our expert designers and developers are about more than just aesthetics and code. We dive deep into the data about how buyers interact with your business digitally and create products, campaigns, and experiences that drive the right business outcomes. We also consider security, performance, and reliability at every step, so the momentum keeps building as your business grows.

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World Leader in Cloud-Driven Networking Exceeds Pipeline Goal with an Account-Based Approach

Convertiv identified target accounts, selected appropriate media platforms, rotated relevant assets, and found the optimal media mix for the flight through multi-touch attribution. This holistic approach contributed over $16 million to the organization's pipeline.


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