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World Leader in Cloud-Driven Networking Exceeds Pipeline Goal with an Account-Based Approach

At a Glance

$16+ million in pipeline contribution.

The worldwide leader in cloud-driven networking solutions for enterprise, data center, and service-provider customers tapped Convertiv to manage the strategy and execution of a large-scale account-based initiative. Together with our client, Convertiv identified target accounts, selected appropriate media platforms, rotated relevant assets, and found the optimal media mix for the flight through multi-touch attribution. This holistic approach contributed over $16 million to the organization’s pipeline.

Using a holistic approach to find the optimal media mix

The Full Story

The Situation

Growing market share within the ultra-competitive networking space requires focus, relevancy, and execution. With 800-pound gorillas around every corner, our client leaned into a data-driven sales and marketing enablement approach. By mining historical data from multiple sources and over 50,000 customers, we created a set of high-confidence target account lists.

  • Overcoming typical scaling issues with solely account-based advertising programs
  • Utilizing MarTech stack and navigating capabilities effectively on a global scale
  • Aligning account prioritization with global sales leaders
Our Approach

To determine the ideal media mix during the program flight, Convertiv utilized multi-touch attribution to understand velocity and efficacy by channel. This enabled data-driven media investment with a clear focus on increasing pipeline at various stages of the buyer journey. Convertiv deployed a three-pronged audience approach: relevant user attributes/keywords, remarketing audiences, and account-based audiences. This ensured scalability without sacrificing efficacy.

Our Recommendations

Over 30 assets were deployed against target audiences to maximize engagement and minimize asset fatigue. Observations showed that the optimal audience mix was a combination of the three audiences. Cost per action (CPA) was higher for account-based audiences, but fewer leads were acquired. Meanwhile, the remarketing and attribute audiences produced higher volumes of leads at a lower CPA. But the quantity and cost of the highest quality leads for these two audiences were similar to the account-based audience. Convertiv recommended keeping all three audiences active while refreshing assets and offerings regularly throughout the flight to keep new opportunity counts high.

The Result

Our client exceeded their pipeline contribution goals and will continue to invest in the data-driven, account-based approach.


Pipeline Contribution


Assets Deployed Against Target Audiences

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Core Components to Account Based Marketing

Success with account-based marketing requires a data-driven framework that incorporates fit and intent and harnesses your existing first-party data.

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