Tim Radwanski

Tim is the EVP of Strategy, Co-founder of Convertiv and brings with him over 20 years of experience in revenue and marketing operations. Tim has led strategy engagements with over 150 clients, including some of the fastest growing and most well known brands in the world. Aligning strategy to clear, measurable business objectives, along with building strong stakeholder relationships is what keeps him motivated. In his off hours, he enjoys golf, skiing and travel with his family.

Operations-Enabled Growth: A New Model for Revenue Transformation

B2B technology companies of all sizes have witnessed a stunning shift in their operating environment over the past few years. The promise of AI and...


Types, Source and Use Cases for B2B Intent Data

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Composable ABM Platform (ie Composable B2B CDP)

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Approaches to B2B Attribution

Often an overlooked piece of the marketing puzzle, attribution requires the development of a program that provides insight and feedback.


Navigating the Journey to Data Maturity

Every successful company reaches a point when it is necessary to drive growth in more systematic and predictable ways.


Core Components to Account Based Marketing

Success with account-based marketing requires a data-driven framework that incorporates fit and intent and harnesses your existing first-party data.

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