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UX Design

Every interaction with your business is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and deliver customer value. But it will only happen if you deliver compelling experiences that reflect true empathy for the user. We can help you understand how users want to interact with your business and craft compelling and intuitive interfaces that make it a reality.

Humanize technology at every step of the customer journey.

Drive customer engagement.

Create digital interfaces that bring your brand to life and drive customer engagement.

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Understand user expectations and deliver digital experiences that reinforce your brand and advance the customer journey.

Our team will review your existing brand guidelines and create a companion web kit to extend complementary colors, fonts, and user interface elements to your web applications. We then pair the web kit with an information architecture that is informed by user research and a detailed understanding of your business objectives. The end result is a library of modular design elements and style guides that can be used to create appealing and intuitive users interfaces that address a wide range of current and future business needs.

Our Approach

  • Project scoping
  • Stakeholder, customer, and end-user interviews
  • Existing technology and analytics assessment
  • Competitive landscape analysis

All of our engagements involve extensive research and analysis to ensure optimal outcomes. Our team of designers and developers humanize technology to create refined and intuitive interfaces.

Information Architecture & Wireframes
Iterative process
  • Information architecture mapping and taxonomy development
  • Heuristic, process-based user journey design
  • Prototyping

After conducting user-focused research and analysis, our team ideates and designs a frictionless information architecture with clear navigation and user flows. From there, we produce wireframes that demonstrate each template’s content narrative and conversion points. We then review these assets with stakeholders to establish clarity and consensus.

UX Design
Iterative process
  • Component-based web design kit
  • Modular design approach
  • Functionality documentation
  • Usability testing

Our team creates a web-specific design kit that extends existing brand guidelines. This web kit defines styles such as colors and fonts, along with user interface elements like buttons, hover states, toggles, and more. Once the web kit is approved, we use it alongside the information architecture and wireframes to create a modular design system that is efficient to implement and capable of meeting a wide range of design challenges.

Development & QA
Iterative process
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Integrations and APIs
  • Continuous integration tooling
  • Cross-browser testing
  • User acceptance testing

Our enterprise-class development capabilities improve customer outcomes and operational effectiveness. Our team of developers and project managers deliver beautifully crafted experiences with elegant code that works across devices and technologies.

  • DevOps
  • Marketing optimization
  • Lead generation optimization
  • Sales pipeline conversion
  • A/B, multivariate, and multi-page testing
  • Personalization

We turn innovation into differentiation by putting custom systems and skillsets in place to realize your vision. We deliver secure, fault-tolerant, well-instrumented solutions, designed to function at scale.

“Beyond my internal crew, Convertiv is my second marketing team. They have modern ideas in an industry that’s changing by the day. But their secret weapon is that they let the data do the talking.”


UX Design

Effective user experience design can play a pivotal role in reinforcing your brand and advancing the customer journey. Our team will gain a detailed understanding of your business objectives and craft an intuitive user experience that will engage customers and help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

  • CX Assessment and Recommendations
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframeing
  • Webkit Creation (user interface styles and functionality)
  • Interface Design
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Usability Testing & Research

Understanding in detail how users interact with your business online is the key to creating digital experiences that delight users and drive desirable business outcomes. Our team performs extensive testing and research from the user’s perspective to ensure that interfaces perform as designed and possible points of friction are eliminated.

  • Conduct user-centric research and testing
  • Eliminate friction and bottlenecks
  • User Persona Alignment

User Journey Mapping

Creating effective digital experiences requires understanding user needs and expectations, analyzing how effectively they are being met, and evolving the user experience and information architecture as required to achieve a desired result. Our team will accelerate this process by conducting extensive customer and stakeholder research, defining clear use cases and journey maps, and refining the user experience and information architecture based on research findings and extensive usability testing.

  • Application heuristics analysis
  • Customer, stakeholder, and competitive research
  • Information architecture and user experience prototyping

CRO A/B Testing

Most CMOs face unrelenting pressure to drive growth, and improving web page conversion is one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase sales velocity. Our team will help you optimize conversions through a systematic A/B testing and page iteration methodology. We’ll develop informed hypotheses about how to improve conversion based on real-world experience and industry best-practices. We’ll then lead a series of experiments and iterative improvements that will directly impact company growth.

  • Page conversion strategy development
  • A/B testing platform implementation
  • Results-driven page design
Why Convertiv?

Digital experiences play a central role in the customer journey for many businesses, so the details matter. Our expert designers and developers are about more than just aesthetics and code. We dive deep into the data about how buyers interact with your business digitally and create products, campaigns, and experiences that drive the right business outcomes. We also consider security, performance, and reliability at every step, so the momentum keeps building as your business grows.

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Client Results

Website personalization improved lead generation rates by up to 100%

A personalized homepage experience based on a visitor's industry allowed our customer, a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, to improve lead generation rates by up to 100%.


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