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Personalized Experiences Highlight Underserved Customers

At a Glance

A personalized homepage experience based on a visitor's industry improved lead generation rates by up to 100%

A personalized homepage experience based on a visitor’s industry allowed our customer, a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, to improve lead generation rates by up to 100%.

Website personalization improved lead generation rates by up to 100%

The Full Story

The Situation

The medical device manufacturer had achieved success with an account-based marketing strategy on the advertising side and wondered if this approach could be applied to their website. The customer had existing tools like Orion and Bombora already in place to identify incoming users and sort them based on a wide variety of attributes, as well as VWO to alter website content based on configurable parameters. We saw an opportunity to get all of these systems talking and use this information to present custom content to website visitors.

Our Approach

We needed to ensure this experiment would gather enough data to produce meaningful results. This meant it would have to be applied to heavily trafficked page(s), beginning with the homepage. Convertiv set to the task of pulling industry data from Marketo to VWO, ensuring that this was done in a manner that allowed the page to decide which variation to show and render the page quickly enough to avoid UX disruptions or other differences that could taint our results.

Our Recommendations

The positive results this experiment yielded led Convertiv to recommend further exploration into possibilities for personalization. Our biggest limitation going into this experiment was data accessibility. Now that we have shown efficacy, we both recommended and are pursuing ways to make the data we can use to display these types of experiments as thoughtful and comprehensive as possible. By continuing to experiment, we aim to improve our website lead generation rate even further while providing a useful, personalized experience to current and potential customers.

The Result

Our experiment was set up to show whether personalization in general impacted conversion rates and which segments were most influenced. In aggregate, personalized content improved the rate at which people submitted a lead of any type by almost 50%, with some smaller segments showing improvement in excess of 100%. The pattern our results displayed indicated that smaller segments were disproportionately affected in a positive way, suggesting opportunity for growth by better serving these industries.


increase in lead generation


increase in conversion rates

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