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Scale Effectively & Minimize Risk

Optimize your technology stack to improve efficiency and ensure business continuity

Now that digital experiences drive many aspects of modern business, technology agility and resilience are critical to your organization’s health and growth potential.

Our experts will create a performant, scalable, and resilient DevOps infrastructure and enable your team with the battle-tested tools, workflows, and knowledge they need to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure business continuity.

Our Approach

Assessment & Roadmap
  • Document current infrastructure and workflow
  • Identify threats to stability, security, and productivity

We begin each engagement by gaining an understanding of your people and technology. This includes comparing it to current best practices with a focus on stability, security, and efficiency. We will craft a development roadmap with clear validation metrics, allowing us to measure the impact of these changes.

Team Process Integration
Iterative process
  • Understand existing process
  • Integrate Convertiv’s experts into workflow (eating the dogfood)

Once we understand your people and technology, we analyze your existing processes. We integrate ourselves into your workflow to get a sense of the day-to-day activity. Our goal is to be able to make suggestions to improve your current process, not completely uprooting it.

Stack and Tooling development
Iterative process
  • Develop Infrastructure-as-Code solutions
  • Deliver progressive improvements to process

Once we have a clear roadmap, and tight team integration, we can start developing infrastructure and tooling. We work across the stack, at the intersection of your development and operational teams. Delivering improvements as revisioned, auditable code, we work to make your development more efficient and your operations more resilient. Most importantly, we work to create a shared surface giving all the stakeholders visibility into the release process.

Change Validation
Iterative process
  • Measure changes performance against baseline
  • Iterate on process and tools

As we complete each operational sprint, we loop back with key stakeholders to measure the impact that these changes had. This tight, incremental process allows us to validate the changes, and adjust our course quickly.

  • Monitor security and performance of toolchain
  • Respond to emergent issues

Once processes and technology have been implemented and validated, we work alongside your team to monitor the security and performance of the toolchain. The same instrumentation that we build to give visibility into the application stack can also provide insight into the release cycle, allowing us to work with your team to catch issues before they impact production.

“Beyond my internal crew, Convertiv is my second marketing team. They have modern ideas in an industry that’s changing by the day. But their secret weapon is that they let the data do the talking. You know what’s working and what’s not. You can’t fake data.”

Optimize your technology stack.
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