Convertiv Client Testimonials


Pete Winfield
Web Development Manager

“Convertiv is passionate about driving results. And they’re able to do exactly that because their overall web and digital marketing knowledge far surpasses what you’ll find at other firms. When we worked together, they always put the business objectives first and delivered incredible results and value.”


Sam Clarke
Director of Marketing

“Beyond my internal crew, Convertiv is my second marketing team. They have modern ideas in an industry that’s changing by the day. But their secret weapon is that they let the data do the talking. You know what’s working and what’s not. You can’t fake data. “Convertiv is driven on performance and data, which we really appreciate. Every time we complete a task, they help us understand the results. Results have been overwhelmingly positive. Five out of the six total experiments that we’ve run have seen a 22%-45% increase in conversions.”


Tom Hubbard
Symmons Industries

“Our partnership with Convertiv is one of the strongest I’ve had. They really care and are completely invested in seeing me – and Symmons – succeed. Their understanding of how to use technology to improve marketing effectiveness is second to none.”


Kirsten Wyzanski
Director of Digital Marketing and Operation

“The expertise and support we get from Convertiv are unmatched. They want to win business for us as much as we do. They’ll even push back if they think we’re making a bad decision or wasting money. I have all the confidence in the world in them.”


Patrick Reynolds
Chief Marketing Officer

“Really solid agile development shop that can take technical marketing programs from concept through completion with none of the typical agency B.S.”


Jim Donovan
Director of Marketing Ops B2B

“A lot of agencies talk about partnership, but Convertiv’s collaborative approach, closely aligns all aspects of our digital initiatives from strategy to execution.  We truly see them as an extension of our team.”


Jim MacLeod
Director Creative & Digital Marketing
Extreme Networks

“Within the last year, we jumped between 60%+ in organic traffic and our company became very popular in our industry. The site’s layout is cleaner and easy to navigate—and it is more compatible with Google search results. The overall structure and flow are smoother for users, which is a testament to the work Convertiv did for us. In a less quantitative measure, the improved site also received a round of applause from our executive team, so we’re all very pleased with it.”


Jason Peck
VP of Marketing

“Convertiv has really helped us to achieve our goal of having an improved conversion rate. They take a disciplined approach at identifying and prioritizing opportunities, and they focus on what really matters. They realize the time and resource constraints we have, so they hone in on what is going to have the most impact for us. We have run multiple tests with Convertiv that have translated into double-digit increases in sign-up rates on our website.”


Palen Schwab
Director of Sales and Marketing Operations
C&K Switches

“They’re good at guiding their clients, assessing the situation and determining their needs now and in the future. Their expert advice helps their clients spend wisely and reduce waste in marketing spend. When you have an opportunity to grow your business and work with a company like Convertiv, you need to grab it.”