Development Project Roles


Project Owner

  • Budgeting
  • Project delivery dates
  • Resolves high level priority conflicts (eg. resources or features)
  • Convertiv interests


Project Manager

  • Has thorough understanding of the business case
  • Mediates collection of business requirements between the team and the client
  • Procurement of BOM from the technical team
  • Management of scope creep



  • Makes sure business requirements and the overall technical solution being applied are a fit
  • Leverages existing and available abilities, skills and infrastructure in the solution
  • Promotes use of certain technologies towards the achievement of business goals


Technical lead

  • Works with the PM and Architect roles to establish scope, milestones and deliverables
  • Negotiates implementation details with the technical team
  • Directs the flow of work towards people with the appropriate skills


UI/UX designer

  • Defines user interaction
  • Defines look and feel
  • Leads and interprets various UX user testing


Graphic designer

  • Creates page templates and supporting material
  • Retains a on-brand graphical style


Lead developer

  • Attains domain knowledge and advises on how it relates to the rest of the project
  • Manages the flow of work inside a given domain



  • Raises concerns on implementation feasibility


Devops engineer

  • Server and deployment management
  • Developer tooling maintenance and new feature implementation



  • Account/relationship manager
  • Content manager
  • Q/A engineer