Martech tooling and services budgeting

As promised, Jeb, below are investments to consider for CueSquared as part of your 2021 budgeting process. Some of the priorities could be a staggered release towards the back half of the year (e.g., webinar platform), while others would be requirements for launching an account-based strategy (e.g., intent data). With DefinitiveHealthcare as a starting point, we can utilize this data to build a TAM for the first half of 2021 regarding the number of accounts, geography, etc. We can then estimate audience sizes and media budgets to forecast the demand generation.


  • Marketing automation platform (MAP) ~ $12- $35k/yr
    • Hubspot Marketing Hub is fine if we want to leverage your contact for a good deal (otherwise, Pardot is a logical choice as it’s a product of SFDC).


  • Reverse IP intelligence data ~$12k/yr
    • Understand what account (XYZ hospital visiting CueSquared’s website and enrich across multiple platforms (e.g., Google Analytics, SFDC)


  • Intent data ~$25k/yr
    • Identify accounts who are researching topics related to CueSquared’s solutions (e.g., Bombora)


  • Account-based advertising ~$90-240k/yr
    • Depends on the number of accounts targeted
    • The primary business objective is to provide brand coverage/awareness for CueSquared’s while sales it attempting contact
    • The secondary business objective is lead generation for contributing to marketing sourced pipeline


  • Account-based promotion ~ $20-30k
    • Direct mail, high-end swag to support high intent, high engagement accounts and pursuits


  • Webinar platform ~$20k/yr
    • Might be something to consider as you begin to build out different types of content offers


  • Multi-media and digital production ~$30-50k
    • Video production to support prospect education, including, but not limited to:
      • Losing the status quo
      • Customer validation (what is my industry colleagues doing to solve this problem?)


  • Outsourced BDR Function ~$129k/ yr
    • Consider outsourcing the BDR function to help ramp up outbound touches and speedy/thorough follow up of inbound leads
    • The data entry would be paired with CueSquared’s SFDC instance
    • Can utilize BDR partners contact sourcing, sales engagement tech, and coaching
    • Terms are monthly and quarterly agreements per rep


  • Convertiv – $180-400k
    • Project management and strategy
    • Extend the customer experience by launching a new website
    • Personalized mini-sites
    • Learning management system
    • Optimize adverting against target accounts
    • Performance reporting
    • Marketing automation configuration and execution to support demand
    • CRM configuration to support demand waterfall reporting
    • Ad creative and copy


Also, I attached the ABM deck for your review. Thanks again for making time to sync up with Tim and me; we both enjoyed the discussion.