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Gone are the days when counting comments and likes was part of a daily routine for measuring Pinterest results. With the newly expanded Pinterest Analytics, businesses now can take a deeper dive to explore and understand demographic and interest details about their followers, devices used, user interaction with their profile and shared content from their website.

The Pinterest Profile


Boards Top Impressions

Observe views over time (7, 14, 30 day changes) and understand how you are reaching your target audience. Is your content relevant? Consistent? Which boards are driving results? Resonate well? The updated breakdown of results provides a quick snapshot of top performing boards and related pins. This has allowed us to take the brands we monitor and content we publish to understand which areas require improvement and which areas provide new opportunities.



The demographic breakdown is another beneficial addition that provides a new closer look into audience members. Here we can observe for our monitored brands geography, language and gender. The highlighted demographic areas provide us with insights on how we can tailor our content successfully, but also if we need to adjust our strategy to fit more closely with our target audience. The latter item brings forth new options for campaigns to develop follower growth in the right direction.

Activity from Website

Which areas of a site are frequently pinned? How do we identify areas of interest for audiences more closely? Should we reorganize sections on the site?

The added section focusing on website stats brings to light the valuable addition of the ‘pin it’ button and the related referral traffic. The above questions highlight answers which help guide decisions for effective content and overall digital strategies. Valuable stats as a quick reference point include impressions, repins, clicks, original pins, and all time results. The added bonus with the graphical displays are the featured Pinterest Tips’ which guide new users and bring to light other opportunities given strengths, and potential content weaknesses.


All in all the revamped Pinterest analytics feature for businesses and brands provides new areas of focus and breaks down stats in a simple and intuitive format. The improved stats and visual graphs add a new layer to developing effective strategies with quick access to essential and everyday top level performance stats.

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