Mechanics of Facebook Apps; What Creates Engagement?

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Engagement is one of the most valuable Facebook page metrics a company can track. One could call it the currency of Facebook. With an active and high level of engagement, a brand can grow its fan base, extend its reach, and increase the visibility of its posts.

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is, “how can a company boost engagement for their Facebook Page?” While there are a number of approaches to generating engagement one of the most compelling tactics is to run exciting social applications. Apps come in many forms, but interactive apps are the best for generating engagement. The most successful apps are often paired with incentives to participation, such as sweepstakes and contests, or deals and coupons. However, if the content is particularly entertaining,  like a viral game, quiz or socialized live-streaming event, a brand can still use it as a compelling catalyst for engagement.

Before jumping in and getting started on your promotion, remember that the all the best social applications have one thing is common: They invite participation from users in ways that traditional Facebook pages and other forms of online media cannot.

Here Are Some Important Keys for Making It Successful:

  • Keep the entry form simple – make sure it is easy and clear to show audience how to join.
  • Make the reward relevant – seize the opportunity to further promote your products/brands through the prize. Limited edition rewards may create more demand and excitement around your app.
  • Keep the contest moving – set a deadline, make it clear what is it and remind people. Do not run the contest for too long (unless you have multiple prizes to support it).
  • Know your target audience – people use more than one social media platform these days. Make sure your app can be linked to from any platform and function correctly.
  • Encourage audience to share the experience – social engagement apps excel when they get fans to generate stories. Incentivizing the users to share their participation and invite friends to participate is a good move.

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