Sabrina Jakupovic

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? Travel through space and time.Hit shuffle, hoping it lands on ... "Audience"Spring, summer, fall or winter? Summer.Favorite Snack? Oreos.

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More than often within B2B operations marketers find that priorities between marketing and sales are misaligned. The complex relationship between the two sides proves to be challenging as both try to meet demand and revenue goals. The greatest challenges B2B marketers face include: developing the right content strategy, identifying the right audiences, generating good leads,...

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Content is king. A phrase commonly used by marketers and a phrase that should not be taken lightly. Competition is fierce, and new advancements in digital marketing are making it imperative for marketing teams to develop relevant, meaningful, and valuable content. As you begin to understand your audiences closely, you want to make sure you...

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