Marketing Data Pipeline as a Service

Let our data engineers manage the sausage making, while you focus on making great, data-driven decisions. Reportiv℠ gives you the insights needed to make business decisions to meet your objectives with a single version of truth.

“Convertiv is passionate about driving results. And they’re able to do exactly that because their overall web and digital marketing knowledge far surpasses what you’ll find at other firms.”

Over 100 data connectors including:

Clean, Accurate Data

No more questionable data, no more finger pointing. Ensuring data quality is vital when transforming your organization to an insights-driven approach. Convertiv will help you understand your existing data model, create alignment with business objectives and identify areas of concern and opportunity for greater performance visibility.

Automated Insights

Spend less time wrangling disparate data source and more time gaining strategic insights. Automate your marketing data pipeline with Reportiv℠.

Centralized Platform

The average enterprise manages 20+ Marketing Technologies, each requiring specific skills to fully utilize, all adding complexity to your data model. Reportiv℠ brings these technologies together, so you can gather the data you need in a centralized data lake.

Ditch the spreadsheets & inconsistent data narratives. 


Prior to deploying your data pipeline, our Strategic Insights team will engage by assessing existing data models, align with business objectives and business logic to prepare for data visualization.  


Utilizing newly created data-models, our visualization specialists will develop dashboards aligned to your business objectives. Reduce the time you and your team spend pulling endless reports from different platforms that could contain incorrect data, and empowers them to make data-driven decisions with confidence. 


Whether a CMO needs an executive dashboard for a monthly meeting, or an analyst wants to see granular campaign performance metrics, our experienced visualization specialists can you help you win with data.  


Harness the economic value of data through innovation. From predictive analytics to personalization,  make data-driven transformation possible with Reportiv℠

Unlock the potential of your data today.