Democratize enterprise insights.

Reportiv℠ delivers on-demand performance insights through a streamlined approach that is built on top of your company’s own data lake.

The Reportiv℠ application framework enables rapid development of responsive analytics frontends that unlock value from existing data management layers and help drive key growth initiatives.

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Measure and react

Unified business analytics views

Reportiv℠ brings information from disparate data sources together into a unified set of analytics views focused on key growth initiatives. Business leaders always have a single source of trustworthy and actionable data to drive their decision-making.

Analyze and optimize

Sophisticated data analysis capabilities

Reportiv℠ applies advanced AI techniques to growth data to reveal insights into both positive and negative performance changes. Decision-makers can also perform self-guided drill-down analysis to zero in on specific programs and channels.

Innovate rapidly

Custom application acceleration

The same technology that drives Reportiv℠’s turn-key analytics can also accelerate custom analytics application initiatives. A proven set of application building blocks bring core application functionality, including data pipeline connectivity and embedded analytics, together into scalable, containerized applications.

Use Cases

Paid Media Performance Insights

Paid Media Performance Insights

Paid Media Performance Insights

Reportiv℠ makes it easy to analyze all paid media performance through a single interface, drill down into specific data points of interest, and tap the power of AI to guide future investments.

Embedded Analytics Applications

Embedded Analytics Applications

Embedded Analytics Applications

The Reportiv℠ technology stack can help you overcome typical obstacles by bringing speed, security, and resilience to your embedded analytics initiatives.

Client Results

Tracking and analyzing the user journey by capturing thousands of data points per day.

A world leader in energy-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems worked with Convertiv to develop a first-party data strategy and pipeline. By collecting and storing raw event data at every user touchpoint, they are now able to model and construct custom reports and answer key business questions as they arise.

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