Democratize enterprise insights.

Convertiv has been continually building analytics dashboards and reporting applications over the years. We’ve internalized some of the hard-learned lessons as an application framework we call Reportiv. At its core, it helps us build modern, responsive, React-based analytics frontends. Enabling proven, customized reporting built on top of your company’s data management layers.

“Nowhere else have I had as much access to both raw and filtered data as I do with Convertiv. It instills a sense of confidence in their work I rarely see in this industry”

Patrick Reynolds Senior Vice President, Data and Services Marketing at Mastercard

Utilize data from 100’s of sources.


Clean, Accurate Data

Data can only be transformational if you trust it. Our team will help you understand your existing data model, create alignment with business objectives, and identify both areas of concern and opportunities for new business insights.

Centralized Platform

The average enterprise manages 20+ Marketing Technologies, each requiring specific skills to fully utilize, all adding complexity to your data model. Reportiv℠ brings these technologies together, so you can gather the data you need in a centralized data lake.

Automated Insights

Spend less time wrangling disparate data sources and wondering why the numbers don't add up. Reportiv℠ simplifies your reporting by automatically bringing reports from all your sources into one place, making it faster and easier to gain actionable insights.

Client Results

Tracking and analyzing the user journey by capturing thousands of data points per day.

A world leader in energy-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems worked with Convertiv to develop a first-party data strategy and pipeline. By collecting and storing raw event data at every user touchpoint, they are now able to model and construct custom reports and answer key business questions as they arise.

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First-Party Data Strategy

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August 3, 2020
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