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Convertiv partnered with a well-established product manufacturer to create a more engaging digital experience backed by a modern, enterprise-grade marketing technology stack.

A premier commercial and residential plumbing product manufacturer with a 80-plus year history in the marketplace needed to modernize its primary digital property. Their marketing technology stack had grown to include over 10,000 product SKUs over the years, and it was time for a new digital experience and streamlined usage model. With this goal in mind, the company partnered with Convertiv to create a new, consumer-focused experience that reflects the company’s new brand identity and incorporates the most modern marketing technologies.

Modernizing outdated marketing technology usage into a new, streamlined experience.

The Full Story

The Situation

As one of the leading commercial and residential manufacturers of plumbing products, our client has a database of over 10,000 products marketed across multiple industries. While the company evolved over time to become a modern industry leader, its digital experience didn’t project that image. Their marketing technology also lagged behind the state of the art, so they were interested in replacing their legacy marketing systems with enterprise-grade tools that would help them compete more effectively in the modern marketplace.

Our Approach

Convertiv worked closely with a branding agency and client stakeholders to design, develop, and implement a new digital interface focused on engaging key user personas on optimal online journeys. The new architecture introduced updated tooling to streamline the user experience, including integration of historical product and website search data collected through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and information from the company’s customer services representatives. 

Our Recommendations

Convertiv led the client through a multi-faceted approach to meet their goals.

First, Convertiv designed and developed a new digital experience based on modular design and development for quicker and more efficient go-to-market for new experiences on the site.

Second, we worked with the product information management (PIM) team to clean up the product data and transition from a WordPress database into a fully hosted Salsify solution. This included cleaning up legacy products and creating guidelines and definitions for product hierarchies and product information management, ensuring data cleanliness across the entire product portfolio.

We also worked with the client’s team to create a more efficient and meaningful product search function. Using Algolia search powered by Salsify data, Convertiv developed a lightning-fast whole site and product search application to meet users’ demands, reducing friction for users looking for their product on the company website. 

The Result
Collaboration between client and Convertiv teams turned the company’s website into a completely integrated digital application for users. It also helped create guidelines for data cleanliness and rules for SKU creation and data handling across the different PIM toolsets currently utilized within the organization. We also worked together to remove years of technical debt and create a modern digital architecture that can be extended and enhanced over time to meet the ever-changing needs as the digital landscape evolves. 


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