At a Glance

A division of Berkshire Hathaway focused on healthcare workers was interested in implementing Segment across their website and app to understand better how the website was used and reveal information about their potential customers at every step of their journey.

Segment was deployed across the website and app, generating events based on user activity. These events were then used to build a comprehensive reporting system to track user behavior, the number of insurance policies sold, and total revenue generated. This allowed us to gain visibility into ROAs and help them allocate funds for paid and other marketing efforts more effectively.

Visibility into ROAs enables allocating funds for paid media marketing efforts more effectively.

The Full Story

The Situation

As a modern, technology-driven insurance provider, our client knew they would need a more powerful system than just Google Analytics for tracking users who signed up for their policies. Segment was chosen for its ability to produce data capable of being used for multi-touch attribution and cross-platform attribution. Not ever having installed a system like this, the client tapped Convertiv to assist in laying the foundations for this system.

Our Approach

Convertiv had already set up a more basic data stack using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, so we aware of the existing limitations. Our general approach to data collection is to gather as much as possible and then trim back when necessary. In this instance, we helped our client understand what ‘everything’ truly means and also helped them develop a roadmap for their developers to follow for a comprehensive and successful Segment deployment.

Our Recommendations

The first piece of this puzzle was assisting the developers on the client side in understanding what an optimal data collection setup looks like. This was less about specific code examples and more about which types of on-site activities are worth capturing and which additional data points are useful to send with these activities to assist the marketing team in making educated decisions. Once this plan was finalized, Convertiv assisted in the QA process, ensuring that all the data being generated was both accurate and sufficient to answer the questions posed by the marketing team.

The Result

Convertiv helped our client stand up a data collection pipeline on their web properties that, when combined with visualization tools, helped them gain a better understanding of their customer base. This new user data led them to make optimizations to their checkout process that increased revenue across all channels by 60%. With better visibility into paid channel ROAs, they have been able to optimize campaigns more effectively, resulting in a significant quarter over quarter growth for nearly two years.


increase in revenue


improved visibility

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