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Global Data-Center Provider Optimizes Pre-Opportunity Pipeline Reporting and Process

At a Glance

Increased visibility and engagement through optimization

A global data center, co-location, and managed service provider needed to accelerate their growth in key markets but lacked actionable insights on where to optimize and scale in their GTM efforts.

GTM executives agreed many of their leading and lagging indicators for RevOps in the pre-opportunity funnel were either dated, inconsistent, or existed as definitions only. More importantly, vital handoffs between teams had little visibility and engaged prospects were slipping through the cracks in process.

Produce desired insights across the customer lifecycle

The Full Story

The Situation

Aligning the tech and data stack for an organization that tripled in size over the span of five years has its challenges. While the client was licensed for many leading RevOps tools, the desired outcomes, particularly around pre-opportunity performance insights for GTM tactics were non-existent. Growing pains were apparent and it was time to take a step back and align insights requirements across the GTM organization.

Our Approach

Convertiv engaged to identify and document requirements on insights from all levels of the GTM organization by discovering what exact questions needed to be answered at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Convertiv conducted stakeholder interviews and several surveys in an effort to extract the exact insights desired from the C-suite, middle management, and the executional level of the organization. Interestingly enough, there was consistency amongst stakeholders, however much of the data required to provide those insights either did not exist, had loose definitions, or required manual wrangling within the tech stack.

Our Recommendations

With clear definitions and an understanding of existing technology configuration, Convertiv created an execution plan to optimize the existing stack and produce desired insights across the customer lifecycle. Based on the consistency of responses during the discovery process, there was an obvious need for improved visibility at the top of the funnel, as well as documenting handoffs between teams in the pre-opportunity qualification process. While some of the data required was available, it was created inconsistently and spread across several objects in the CRM making it difficult to produce a single view.

Convertiv proposed several structural optimizations to the inbound lead qualification process, along with supporting technology configuration changes. This streamlined process included clear definitions of all metrics supporting the desired insights, as well as functional documentation for how data was created within the stack. Internal stakeholders on the business systems teams approved the approach and partnered with Convertiv to implement, QA, and launch the enhanced process.

Robust, yet actionable, playbooks and internal training webinars were created to support enablement for end users.

The Results
  • 90% reduction in manual reporting on the pre-opportunity funnel by aligning desired insights with required data creation within the RevOps stack.


Reduction in Manual Reporting

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