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Global Digital Services and Solutions Provider Fixes Marketing and Sales Ops Challenges through MarTech Enablement

At a Glance

A global digital solutions and services (Value Added Reseller, or VAR) utilized a technology stack that featured years of technical debt-laden with inaccuracies and redundancies in their data. These issues caused massive challenges with marketing and sales operations ability to properly route, assign, and track leads coming into the CRM while also creating efficacy issues with their ability to accurately report to their partners.

The Full Story

The Situation

The current marketing technology stack had been handled by many different owners over time, causing pitfalls with the existing setup; particularly redundancies and inaccuracies in the data. From marketing automation to CRM, data inconsistencies were a thorn in the Ops team’s side. Manual effort was required to ensure people records were associated correctly causing diversions from existing flows and processes. The duplicate data made the lead handoff process difficult while creating flawed reporting that often took several days to aggregate. Oftentimes, it was a significant time-suck to safeguard the assignment and routing process.

Presidio acknowledged it was time to instrument a fundamental shift across their tech stack to clean up their data, decrease manual processes and streamline handoffs between marketing and sales.

Our Approach

Convertiv engaged with key stakeholders from marketing and sales operations to discover the current data flow from end-to-end, uncovering potential gaps and focus areas for improvement. Through these interviews, Convertiv discovered that the CRM had ~3000 duplicate person records. This duplicate issue created a rift between that CRM data set and marketing automation which traditionally should be in complete parity.

Convertiv also discovered more pressure from leadership for more granular reporting to their partners added to the performance quality issues. This reporting was crucial but challenging based on the headwinds they were facing with the current data.

With the information from stakeholders, Convertiv implemented an Operations-Enabled Growth strategy, with a plan to implement and launch a 3rd party data deduplication and routing platform to solve and future-proof the existing data issues

The Results

The Operations-Enabled Growth model helped to transform Presidio’s data flow. Convertiv implemented a new data management and deduplication platform to cleanse the data deduplication issues and rectify the downstream impact across sales and marketing activities.

Convertiv deployed their team of operations experts to reconfigure the CRM, eliminate the duplicate contact records within the existing set-up, and ensure automated data cleansing workflows were created to future proof the state of their CRM data.

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