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Global Leader in International Learning Takes on Growth Stack Integration

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Lead lifecycle reporting aligned to Sirius Decisions Demand Waterfall® Channel-based campaign velocity reporting 

The world leader in international learning tapped Convertiv to digitally relaunch their “Gap Year” division, including everything from brand to growth stack. Faced with tracking, reporting, and marketing automation data gaps, Convertiv helped assess and implement an updated reporting structure to measure key business questions while re-invigorating their lead nurture programs through content alignment and automation.

Implementing an updated reporting structure

The Full Story

The Situation

As a global leader in international learning, the client needed to be able to attribute pipeline contributions to channels and campaigns generating hundreds of leads. With a new and growing team with strong sales alignment, the client was eager to rebuild their entire reporting structure, form processes, and automation workflows.


  • Complex logic for sales and marketing focused automations
  • Inconsistent campaign naming and tracking
  • Organizational debt leftover from the previous marketing team
  • Technical issues with ‘out of the box’ system functionalities

Our Approach

Through an assessment of Pardot, Convertiv gained a clear understanding of the overall marketing automation process and identified key areas where organizational enhancements could be made across their primary marketing assets. Also, working alongside sales, Convertiv helped to define important business goals in order to understand the most efficient reporting approach. The client’s team also helped set website-related goals to streamline tracking and reporting from within their Google Analytics dashboard. Together, all of these steps enabled the team to provide insight from website lead creation all the way to a closed/won opportunity.

Our Recommendations

Based on the initial assessment, Convertiv recommended a multi-faceted approach to redeploy the client’s tracking setup, automate manual processes, clean up organizational debt from within their tools, and fix ‘out-of-the-box’ issues. Updating naming conventions and establishing archival processes for files and folders was the first and most important step. Campaign structures in Salesforce and Pardot were overhauled with new Parent and Child associations. These new structures also contained important information such as: Lead Source, Lead Source Detail, Digital Source, Medium, and Campaign. The next steps were to create custom UTM workflows on the prospect and lead levels from the ground up. This included custom integrations on the main site to help maintain previous UTM losses and the creation of new workflows within Pardot and Salesforce to ensure sales had the right information to follow up.

The Results

Well-structured data architecture with supporting systems configuration resulted in improved performance visibility and dramatically reduced time-to-insight.


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