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Increasing Organic Visibility for a Cloud Security Technology Leader

At a Glance

Convertiv performed a thorough SEO assessment, including an extensive keyword research project and guidance on technical optimization, on-page optimizations, and content strategy.

Our client is a leader in next-generation security information and event management (SIEM) and cloud-based security analytics and operations management. Their platform enables security for the cloud, within the cloud, powered by advanced analytics, behavior detection, threat modeling, and machine learning with unlimited scale. Their technology improves visibility, actionability, and security while reducing management complexity and burden on analysts. Convertiv collaborated with the client’s in-house team to improve the content on the site and create new pages with specific SEO goals. This resulted in an increase in organic traffic, keyword visibility, and achievement of keys goals in just two months following the implementation of Convertiv’s recommendations.

Using specific SEO goals to increase organic traffic and keyword visibility.

The Full Story

The Situation

While the client is a leader in their industry, they struggled to achieve organic visibility for core keyword themes that relate to the solutions they provide. They had established a solid baseline of existing organic traffic, but it was primarily driven by branded search terms with variants of the company name. As they set their sights on future growth targets, it was vital for them to expand their organic presence beyond brand-related search terms and drive more relevant traffic to the site.

Convertiv was engaged for SEO assistance, including analyzing the client’s past performance and providing specific recommendations for increasing visibility for industry-related keywords.

Our SEO Approach

Convertiv conducted an in-depth SEO assessment to understand the state of the site and identify opportunities for improvement. This included analyzing technical SEO elements, on-page elements, and content gaps and opportunities on the site. In addition to the core SEO assessment, Convertiv also conducted extensive keyword research. This was a collaborative effort, with the client providing feedback on the significance of specific keyword themes to their industry and business. This process allowed the Convertiv team to understand the competitiveness for these keywords and provide a content roadmap as a final product. This deliverable detailed the type of content need to achieve visibility for the keyword targets.

Our Recommendations

Based on our findings from the SEO assessment and keyword research that was completed, we identified the following areas as opportunities for improvement:

  • Technical clean-up
  • On-page optimizations, including title tag and meta description updates and other changes
  • Content updates and new page creation 

Convertiv provided recommendations for pages and page topics to be created and provided a content template for client stakeholders to use as a guide during the content creation process. The content template provided a general content structure for the page and incorporated the relevant content themes, questions, and answers that would need to be addressed in the text to achieve visibility for specific target keywords.

  • As a part of the findings, Convertiv recommended creating several new pages, including two new “solutions” pages and a page focusing on a core platform feature that was not highlighted on the site at the time. 
  • Additionally, Convertiv recommended prioritizing content updated for their current products and solutions pages, as these pages are critical to the website and required updating. 
  • Convertiv also recommended updating content on blog posts and resource pages with the potential to improve visibility for specific keywords and drive additional related traffic.
The Result

After the client implemented the site and content recommendations proposed by Convertiv, traffic and keyword visibility for the site increased significantly in just two months.

Non-Branded Organic Keyword Growth

Following the implementation of Convertiv’s recommendations, the client’s site experienced growth in both traffic and keyword visibility in the two months following implementation as seen below.

Top 1-3 Positions: +37.5% MoM
During the month of October 2020, our client saw a +37.5% increase of the number of non-branded keywords that moved into the top 1-3 positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs) over the previous month. They increased to 22 non-branded keywords from 16 non-branded keywords in September.

Positions 4-10: +9.86% MoM
The number of non-branded keywords in positions 4-10 in the SERPs increased by +9.86% over the previous month, with 100 non-branded keywords ranking in positions 4-10 versus 91 keywords in September.

Positions 11-20: +18.25% MoM
The number of non-branded keywords ranking in positions 11-20 in the SERPs increased by 18.25% over the previous month, with 337 keywords ranking in positions 11-20 versus 285 keywords in September.

Increase in Organic Traffic Month-over-Month

Since implementing content recommendations in late July and early August, the site has experienced growth month-over-month.

  • Solutions pages saw an increase in organic traffic of about 8% and saw an increase in goal completions by 19.5% over the previous month.
  • Product pages also saw an increase in organic traffic by about 3%, but more significantly, goal completions increased by 50% over the previous month.

Content Highlights:

  • The top driver of organic traffic for the “Next Gen SIEM” page, a product page that underwent significant content changes based on our recommendations. It saw an uptick in organic traffic of 12% MoM and produced a 92% increase in goal completions.
  • Additionally, our client’s product page, which underwent content changes, saw an uptick in organic traffic 32% and an increase in goal completions of 87.5% over the previous month.
In Conclusion

Overall, making technical updates, on-page optimizations, and, more significantly, launching updated content for various pages on the site, enabled the site to gain visibility and traction for target keywords, increase organic traffic to the site, and experience an uptick in goal completions for pages of significance.


MoM Non-Branded Keywords in positions 1-3 in SERPs


MoM Non-Branded Keywords in positions 4-10 in SERPs


MoM Non-Branded Keywords in positions 11-20 in SERPs

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