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Leading IT Modernization Company Creates Multi-dimensional Campaign Reporting

At a Glance

Stabilized data capture with an overhauled process

An industry-leading IT automation and modernization software provider reached multiple headwinds with their ability to properly track their end-to-end campaign performance. Marketing leadership determined data gaps in the process were causing issues with their ability to accurately report on campaign performance. Measuring ROI from a resource or investment standpoint was arduous given the amount of time taken to manually generate reports in a platform where on-demand should be the standard.

Redesigning the end-to-end workflow

The Full Story

The Situation

Rapid growth will cause headwinds across any team trying to keep up with market demands. Leadership knew the tools they had in place were more than sufficient, but understood the need for standardized definitions, documented playbooks and a repeatable process. As the company scaled, turnover in marketing operations, as well as shifts in the GTM strategy, left their systems configuration and data capture in a state of flux.

Our Approach

Convertiv engaged with key stakeholder from marketing, sales, IT, and operations, curating team-based surveys, interviews, and working sessions. This foundational work helped to bring teams together to uncover the current state, challenges and a desired outcome for the future.

Our Recommendations

Influenced by the interviews and surveys, Convertiv worked with the client to create definitions and playbooks as a single source for multiple teams to work from for all campaign concepting and launches.

While the process playbook and definitions helped teams conceptualize, they also needed a way to create and generate reports based on campaign performance. Convertiv worked to redesign the end-to-end workflow and data capture for all technology supporting the campaign launch process including project management, web/user analytics, forms, marketing automation and CRM. This template included new fields, mappings, and hierarchal structure that would allow for multi-dimensional on-demand reporting. That reporting now aligns with existing use cases and business questions that stakeholders are being asked to report against. After approval of the approach by the executive sponsor and IT, Convertiv implemented, QA’ed, and launched the campaign process.

The Results
  • 83% reduction in manual reporting efforts on campaign performance and ROI as well as a significant decrease in ‘time-to-rollout’ for campaigns.


Reduction in Manual Reporting

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