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Venture-Funded Mobile Workforce Management SaaS Provider Seeks Digital Strategy to Enter U.S. Market

At a Glance

Informed plan, forecast, and budget based on analysis

A mobile-first workforce management software provider was seeking a partner to help create and execute a digital strategy for entering the U.S. market. Already well-established globally, the company landed a fresh $25 million funding round to help support this expansion. After an objective-focused assessment to solve for growth, Convertiv and the client formulated three possible approaches. Each approach was based on low, medium, and high levels of investment and the estimated potential impact on pipeline. Marketing leadership presented to the larger CXO team, securing funding for the plan and significantly contributing to pipeline with a 26-to-1 return.

Predictable pipeline model created

The Full Story

The Situation

Disrupting the established guard within the U.S. workforce management space is challenging, and accomplishing it via digital from a headquarters in Sweden made it even more ambitious. Intricacies such as hosting locations, terminology, and expectations based on digital performance in the European Union are just the tip of the iceberg. A plan needed to be compiled and supported by data and insights solving for pipeline contribution. Once ready, it also had to inspire confidence that the outcome was attainable, and the investment of precious time and budget would create the desired return.


  • Defining a budget to support digital marketing across digital media, organic, and platform investments to hit desired pipeline contribution
  • Capturing market share as an emerging solution in the U.S. from the well-capitalized and well-known incumbents
  • Aligning marketing and account prioritization efforts with sales from management, through to business development representatives
Our Approach

To better understand how the client could achieve their goal of $2.35 million in pipeline, Convertiv had to consider the contributions of all marketing efforts across every channel. By doing so, we could understand what level of contribution was required from advertising and organic search. In addition, Convertiv determined realistic traffic estimates for a multitude of digital marketing efforts to help determine the best path to achieving their goals. Being able to see all the pieces of the marketing program allowed us to see if the goal was attainable and identify the best ways to contribute.

Our Recommendations

Based on the aggressive goals set, we recommended that the client put initial efforts behind Google Ads and LinkedIn, as those platforms would deliver quick returns within 60 days. Focusing on these efforts ahead of SEO gave us the necessary coverage to help the client meet their pipeline goal contributions.

The Results
  • $2.35 million in pipeline contribution for 26-to-1 return on investment

After exceeding their pipeline contribution goals for Q3 & Q4, the client extended their partnership with Convertiv into intent-driven account-based marketing to help round out organic and digital media demand efforts.


Pipeline Coverage


Forecast Accuracy

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