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Data Strategy & Pipelines

Rich user activity data can transform how digital products and online experiences are created, marketed, and evolved. The problem is that user data often lives in silos. It doesn’t tell a cohesive story about your business, and new data privacy challenges loom on the horizon. We can help you take ownership of your data and apply it in ways that drive growth.

Turn user activity into actionable insights while reducing cost, complexity, and privacy risk.

Make data-driven decisions.

A centralized data management and ownership model will transform your organization's ability to make data-driven decisions.

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Deliver accurate and actionable data to your reporting and analytics tools in ways reveal business insights that you can trust.

Many organizations invest in reporting and analytics tools with the aspiration to make data-driven decisions about their business. The problem is that visualizations are only as good as the data behind them. We can help you collect and deliver the right data to your tools of choice and create visualizations that are trustworthy and impactful to your business.

Our Approach

Business Goals
  • Partner with stakeholders to set objectives
  • Collect and harmonize input from all levels of the organization
  • Zero in on the KPIs that truly impact your business

Every engagement begins with the identification of specific business areas where data-driven insights can enhance performance and growth. We gather input from all levels of the organization and create a customized roadmap with measurable success criteria.

Data Discovery
Iterative process
  • Inventory existing 1st and 3rd party data sources
  • Assess and optimize existing tool configurations
  • Document measurement data gaps

Many organizations have existing data sources and technologies that are not being utilized to their full potential. We assess these existing assets and look for ways to optimize them for greater impact.

Identify Opportunities
Iterative process
  • Identify data sets that will unlock new insights
  • Look for unique data searches and combinations that align with business objectives

Once the right foundational data is in place, we help you isolate the data sets that will reveal meaningful insights for your team. We look for ways to apply this data in ways that positively impact business performance.

Collection & Cataloging
Iterative process
  • Document the complete set of data elements that will be tracked
  • Create or refine hierarchies and naming conventions in existing systems

As a clear strategy takes shape, we pinpoint and document the data points necessary to make it a reality. This may include defining new event generation techniques, as well as fine-tuning hierarchies and naming conventions in existing tools.

  • Visualize data in preferred business intelligence tools
  • Design data-driven workflows in CRM and other operational tools
  • Create alert mechanisms for business-critical events

Once the optimal data collection model is in place, we create custom dashboards that turn the data into actionable business insights. Dashboards can be implemented using existing BI and CRM tools or through our Reportiv platform.

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Data Strategy & Pipelines

A sound data management and ownership approach will help your organization make informed decisions and give you direct control over user privacy protection. Our team of data experts will help you break down traditional data silos and take a more strategic approach to data collection, management, and usage. We’ll make it possible to deliver trustworthy data to the tools that you count on to drive your business. In the process, we’ll ensure that you gain direct ownership of your data and establish strong data governance practices.

  • Data strategy consultation
  • Data pipeline design and implementation
  • Data ownership and governance model definition

Reportiv℠ – Democratize enterprise insights.

Democratize enterprise insights using a modern, streamlined portal that integrates disparate data sources. Our business analysts deliver proven, customized reporting built on top of your company’s data management layers.

Data Pipeline Design

Our team will help you solve data quality problems and enable data-driven decision making across the enterprise using a set of proven technologies and techniques. By creating a complete and accurate data pipeline, we’ll empower your organization to use visualizations and analytics in more sophisticated ways. In the process, we’ll also establish a trusted foundation for advanced techniques like machine learning and personalization.

Why Convertiv?

Data visualization is only meaningful when you trust the data behind it. Our team of data scientists, MarTech experts, and integration engineers work in concert to collect and present accurate data about your business. More importantly, we create systems to ensure that it stays accurate as your business evolves. We love creating eye-catching visuals, but our unique ability to collect and harmonize data in ways that align with your key business objectives is what sets us apart.

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The Value of a First Party Data Strategy

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Client Results

Tracking and analyzing the user journey by capturing thousands of data points per day.

A world leader in energy-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems worked with Convertiv to develop a first-party data strategy and pipeline. By collecting and storing raw event data at every user touchpoint, they are now able to model and construct custom reports and answer key business questions as they arise.


reduced cloud costs


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Gain data-driven insights.