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Digital Transformation

The right digital strategy, executed with precision, will unlock new revenue opportunities and drive sustainable growth. But technologies, market dynamics, and internal requirements now evolve in months instead of years. Our team will help you create a nimble, digital-first organization that can drive growth today and capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow.

Empower your team to innovate and adapt to change

Future-proof your growth strategy.

Develop adaptable teams and technical capabilities that can drive sustained growth.

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Success today doesn’t guarantee success tomorrow. Customer needs and preferences are always evolving, and so are the technologies are available to fulfill them. We’ll help you achieve sustainable growth by bringing people, processes, and technologies together in ways unlock competitive advantages today and give you the agility to capitalize on the opportunities that come next.

Our Approach

Business Goals
  • Partner with stakeholders to set objectives
  • Collect and harmonize input from all levels of the organization
  • Zero in on the KPIs that truly impact your business

Every engagement begins with the identification of specific business areas where data-driven insights can enhance performance and growth. We gather input from all levels of the organization and create a customized roadmap with measurable success criteria.

Data Discovery
Iterative process
  • Inventory existing 1st and 3rd party data sources
  • Assess and optimize existing tool configurations
  • Document measurement data gaps

Many organizations have existing data sources and technologies that are not being utilized to their full potential. We assess these existing assets and look for ways to optimize them for greater impact.

Identify Opportunities
Iterative process
  • Identify data sets that will unlock new insights
  • Look for unique data searches and combinations that align with business objectives

Once the right foundational data is in place, we help you isolate the data sets that will reveal meaningful insights for your team. We look for ways to apply this data in ways that positively impact business performance.

Collection & Cataloging
Iterative process
  • Document the complete set of data elements that will be tracked
  • Create or refine hierarchies and naming conventions in existing systems

As a clear strategy takes shape, we pinpoint and document the data points necessary to make it a reality. This may include defining new event generation techniques, as well as fine-tuning hierarchies and naming conventions in existing tools.

  • Visualize data in preferred business intelligence tools
  • Design data-driven workflows in CRM and other operational tools
  • Create alert mechanisms for business-critical events

Once the optimal data collection model is in place, we create custom dashboards that turn the data into actionable business insights. Dashboards can be implemented using existing BI and CRM tools or through our Reportiv platform.

“A lot of consultancies talk about partnership, but Convertiv’s collaborative approach closely aligns all aspects of our digital initiatives from strategy to execution. Convertiv is truly an extension of our team.”


Digital Transformation

Harnessing technology to drive growth and unlock new business opportunities is only achievable with a well-defined digital transformation strategy. This includes bringing people, processes, and technologies together in ways that create value. Our team will help you build a digital-first culture and organizational structure that can help your business grow and capitalize on new market opportunities.

  • Transformation strategy development
  • Emerging technology consultation
  • Organizational structure design

Strategy and Innovation (People, Process, and Data Technology)

A culture of innovation is only possible with the right blend of strategy, organizational alignment, and technology. Our strategists will take the time to understand your business goals and identify clear and measurable steps that you can take to get there. We’ll also provide expert advice at every step of the journey. We’ll help you transform your organization into a set of high-performing teams backed by effective and resilient processes. We’ll also make data technology recommendations to help you get more out of your existing systems and make the right investments for the future.

  • Business transformation strategy
  • People and process alignment
  • Data technology strategy
  • Technical Assessments


As your organization becomes more data-driven, it’s essential to put controls in place to both preserve the integrity of data and prevent it from being misused. Our team will start by helping you implement best practices for data capture, storage, and change control. We’ll assess your organization’s unique data privacy and compliance requirements and create clear and understandable governance policies. We’ll then work with you to ensure that these policies are put into practice and monitored as part of your data technology initiatives.

  • Compliance requirements assessment
  • Policy definition
  • Implementation of governance controls

Cross-functional alignment

People are the engine of any effective business. When pursuing innovative uses of data technology, a thoughtful strategy for helping your teams get the most out of it is essential. Our experts will help you identify your data initiatives’ organizational touchpoints and ensure that strategy and process alignment is achieved across teams and business functions. We’ll provide the hands-on support you need to quickly achieve your goals while ensuring that your teams are empowered and self-sufficient.

  • Organizational assessment
  • Role and process definition
  • Training and enablement

Platform and Vendor Selection

Data technologies and infrastructure platforms are appearing and evolving continually. But as your organization pursues innovation, it’s easy for technology costs and complexity to skyrocket. Our team of technology experts will take the time to understand your business’ unique needs and draw from deep experience to recommend the optimal technology stack. Our recommendations will reflect a detailed assessment of vendor capabilities and fit for purpose, along with other business considerations such as cost, scalability, and support models.

  • Requirement and feature mapping
  • Cost analysis
  • Support model definition
Why Convertiv?

Revenue-focused executives are often forced to balance near-term growth demands with the need for long-term sustainability. Our team of strategists and technology experts will help you build high-performing teams and technology platforms that will accelerate growth today and give you the flexibility to lead your team into new areas of opportunity.

Our Thoughts


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Tech Stacks Assessed

Client Results

A deep dive into the the technology stack helped a major medical device company streamline their technical processes, allowing stakeholders to focus on mission critical work.

We were approached by the sales and customer service team for a medical device company to help them manage their complex technology stack. Over several years, they had built an ecosystem of tools to manage the complex pipeline of data from marketing through to the customer support efforts. This ecosystem had developed organically over time through a mix of commercial, open-source, and custom tools in response to evolving business needs. Convertiv was asked to perform a deep dive into the toolchain and re-engineer it to pay down accumulated technical debt and improve performance across the pipeline.


reduced cloud costs


system uptime

Gain data-driven insights.