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A/B Testing

Buyer and user engagement patterns are often unpredictable. Many business leaders are drawn to A/B testing as a way to eliminate ambiguity and make data-driven decisions. But it isn’t always easy to know where to start. And it’s even harder to embrace A/B testing as an ongoing discipline. Our team will help you combine established best practices with focused testing on your properties to realize the full potential of your digital experiences.

Optimize the user journey through A/B testing

Testing grounded in best practices.

Improve user engagement and conversions through systematic testing grounded in best practices.

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A/B testing is an effective practice for organizations interested in applying data to improve engagement and conversion rates. But doing it effectively requires a systematic approach that delivers immediate value while setting the stage for more sophisticated testing over time. Our team of experts will draw from extensive A/B testing experience – along with a library of over 2,000 historical tests – to jumpstart your testing program. Our sprint-based testing approach will discover low-hanging fruit quickly and establish a framework for continuous testing that is customized to your unique business needs.

Our Approach

Business Goals
  • Identify business objectives
  • Define leading performance indicators

We begin each engagement by gaining an understanding of your growth plans and other key business requirements. This includes a retrospective look at past performance and definition of future performance indicators that must be measurable and reportable on an ongoing basis.

Persona and Audience Discovery
Iterative process
  • Define target attributes, including: firmographic, technographic, and account signals
  • Identify buying centers

Once we understand your growth requirements, we partner with you to analyze your target audience. We consider relevant market segments, technology factors, and account signals and work with you to identify the buying centers that we will need to impact with the engagement.

Offer Alignment
Iterative process
  • Offer to lifecycle mapping
  • Landing experience, including: destination pages, mini-sites, and in-platform experiences

As the buyer journey comes into focus, we work with you to map offers to the engagement lifecycle. This includes a significant focus on landing experiences across web pages, mini-sites, in-platform experiences, and other possible destinations for your personas.

Iterative process
  • Ad Creative and Messaging
  • Campaign Setup, Triggers, and Tag Management
  • Quality Assurance

Once the desired buyer destinations are clear, we help you develop and deploy high-impact creative messaging to drive engagement. We also ensure that your growth stack is configured with the necessary campaigns, triggers, and tags to measure and influence buyer behavior and engagement over time.

  • Launch
  • Test and Learn
  • Optimize

Once an end-to-end strategy and technology stack is in place, we work alongside your team to launch into production. We continue with proactive testing after the solution is live to assess both business and technical performance and identify possible areas of optimization.

“Convertiv is fixated on performance. Every time we complete a task, they help us understand the results. We rely on their optimization expertise to run our A/B testing program and have seen overwhelmingly positive results with 22%-45% increases in conversions.”


A/B Testing

Effective A/B testing requires a systematic approach that delivers immediate value while also building a strong foundation for the future. Our team will apply extensive A/B testing experience – along with a library of over 2,000 historical tests – to jumpstart your testing program. Our sprint-based testing approach will help you achieve quick wins and establish a framework for continuous testing that can grow in sophistication over time.

  • Testing strategy and goal-setting
  • Consultation on best practices
  • A/B test development and execution
Why Convertiv?

Revenue-focused executives face unrelenting pressure to drive growth and have finite resources to make it happen. Our team of strategists and technology experts will help you zero in on your target audience and engage them with offers and experiences that are proven effective. Data will drive every decision and recommendation, so your program spending and execution will always be 100 percent aligned with your business goals.

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Best Practices for Landing Page Design

A properly designed landing page can be an extremely powerful lead-generation tool in conjunction with digital marketing efforts.


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Client Results

40+ Experiments aimed at conversion rate improvement were performed, increasing landing page conversion by 30%

A leader in the paperless documentation sector was looking for ways to improve sign up rates for the free trial of their product, a key source of paying customers. Their main focus was on paid landing pages, which drove most of their free trial sign-ups.


increase in landing page conversion


increase in overall conversion

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