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Search engines play a pivotal role in the buyer journey. But while many businesses have in-house teams or agencies focused on search engine optimization tactics, it rarely rolls up into a cohesive strategy. Our team will help you develop a search strategy that is fully aligned with your business goals and support it with SEO best practices at every step of the development lifecycle.

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Combine strategic thinking and precise technical execution to drive enterprise growth through natural search.

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Many businesses view SEO as a tactical function. But success with natural search in competitive enterprise markets requires clear business objectives and thoughtful technical execution across all areas of the growth stack. Our team of SEO and technology experts will help you develop an integrated search strategy that aligns with your goals and provides detailed execution guidance in areas such as content management system configuration, redirect practices, and more.

“Within the last year, we jumped between 60%–70% in organic traffic and our company became very popular in our industry, which is a testament to the work Convertiv did for us.”

Jim MacLeod Creative & Digital Marketing, Extreme Networks

Our Approach

Business Goals
  • Identify business objectives
  • Define leading performance indicators

We begin each engagement by gaining an understanding of your growth plans and other key business requirements. This includes a retrospective look at past performance and definition of future performance indicators that must be measurable and reportable on an ongoing basis.

User Intent Research
Iterative process
  • Define targets
  • Identify relevant keywords

Once we understand your requirements, we partner with you to analyze your target audience. We consider relevant content, rank attainability, and account signals and work with you to increase visibility in target keyword themes.

Content Alignment
Iterative process
  • Mapping content to align with audience
  • Identify landing page experiences suited to user intent

We work with you to map content to the customer lifecycle. This includes a significant focus on landing experiences across your website.

Iterative process
  • Implement initial optimizations
  • Improve on-page experiences
  • Remove technical barriers

We help you develop and deploy high-impact content and technical recommendations and optimizations. We ensure that your content is highly targeted and your website meets technological best practices.

  • Launch
  • Test and Learn
  • Optimize

Once an SEO strategy is in place, we work alongside your team to launch into production. We continue with proactive testing launch to assess both business and technical performance and identify possible areas of optimization.

Why Convertiv?

Revenue-focused executives face unrelenting pressure to drive growth and have finite resources to make it happen. Our team of strategists and technology experts will help you zero in on your target audience and engage them with offers and experiences that are proven effective. Data will drive every decision and recommendation, so your program spending and execution will always be 100 percent aligned with your business goals.

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How to Integrate an SEO Program

Many companies do not have a formal SEO program. It’s more common than you may think. There are many reasons this may be the case, but it’s never too late to integrate an SEO program into your digital strategy.


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