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Mobile Best Practices & When Mobile-First?

Mobile-first means designing for the most limited space. One positive side effect of this constraint is that it brings the most important content on the page into clear focus. This can then inform visual approaches for effective content display on larger screens as well.

Why It Matters?

Mobile access problems can impact user experience and cause frustration, pushing them away enough to give up and visit your competitor’s website. Additionally, almost sixty percent of users say they would not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

Typical Approaches

While mobile-first began as a modern design philosophy, it quickly became the most effective way to approach web design. There is often a temptation to view it solely as a design exercise, but carrying the mobile-first mindset through the development phase is essential.

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Our Approach

Our frontend framework is mobile-first. We build websites for mobile users and then enhance the experience for desktop users with additional animations or resource-heavy assets that would not be appropriate for mobile devices. This ensures that the mobile experience is not an afterthought. Instead, it is the team’s primary focus, starting in the conceptual phase and continuing through design to the final development phase. Throughout the process, the mobile experience is examined carefully at every step.

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Next Steps

While we have well-established practices and frameworks for mobile-first design and development, we also continuously assess and experiment with new technologies. Mobile experiences are continually evolving, and new techniques like advanced web applications are emerging all of the time. As this happens, we make continuous improvements to our tooling and explore new ways to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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