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Ensuring engagement — on every screen in the house.

As users continue to migrate from the television to mobile web devices, USA Networks needed to leverage a social media presence, but it would first have to create it. That’s where Convertiv came in.

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New viewer profiles

By deeply understanding USA Networks’ business goals, Convertiv was able to build an immediately actionable roadmap for the network’s social media strategy.
Convertiv designed, developed and deployed 14 fully responsive social applications for 11 TV shows, driving new fans and increased engagement with USA’s premieres and season finales via Facebook.
With real time analytics and aggressive campaign management, Convertiv was able to optimize for ease of entry, engagement and sharing, resulting in more than 1,000,000+ new viewer profiles.
By exceeding USA Networks’ social media goals, Convertiv helped network executives realize the power of social, pushing digital to the forefront of its marketing strategy.
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