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A 150 year old icon marches into the future.

As makers of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, the Swiss Army Watch, and countless other products, Victorinox’s heritage is undeniable. Recognizing rapid evolutions in the marketplace, the brand came to Convertiv to increase its desirability with the hyper-connected millennial.

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Utilizing extensive demographic research, Convertiv identified a set of values that were both important to this audience, and intrinsic to the Victorinox brand. Further insights revealed key channels and the importance of video content.
Convertiv created a comprehensive digital experience unique to this campaign, that included multiple videos, web and mobile sites. The campaign’s escapist theme resonated with its audience, leading to an unprecedented number of views for the brand.
With real time analytics and aggressive campaign management, Convertiv was able to continually maximize a modest ad spend, generating results far beyond expectations.
Convertiv’s hyper targeted approach helped a generation rediscover Victorinox’s iconic products as both brand and consumer step boldly into the future.
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